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Adam Capes’ End of Year Message and 2019 Kickoff

Written by G2G Executive Travel Team on January 14, 2019

Adam Capes CEO G2G CollectionHello, I’m Adam Capes, the CEO of Getaway2Give and G2G Collection. As 2019 kicks off, I want to thank our many charity partners, members, travelers, and of course our incredible G2G team for what was a banner 2018. We were able to raise over four million dollars for charities and schools across the country, and provide over 2,000 DREAM vacations! Plus, we added 20 new travel options: ten brand-new destinations from the beaches of Las Catalinas to the bustling streets of London, and ten unique travel experiences, including a chef-hosted Italian culinary experience fit for a Princess, and a climb to base camp Mount Everest!

Many of you may not be aware that we actually have two different divisions in the G2G organization: Getaway2Give and G2G Collection. Getaway2Give helps charities and schools raise money at fundraising events and live auctions. G2G Collection is a destination club, where hundreds of members throughout the country travel to our exclusive, handpicked residences and enjoy incredible experiences with their family and friends.

As we kick off this New Year we’re going to be building a better bridge between the charitable giving aspect of both organizations, making it much easier for you to make a difference when you travel. We will be donating corporate dollars and team time in communities on our destinations list to truly make a difference on the ground. And, if volunteerism appeals to you, we will be working with local organizations in the communities where you travel, allowing you to contribute your time.

Finally, our watchword for 2019 is DREAMs. Internally, our staff are focusing on their personal dreams and how a career with Getaway2Give and/or G2G Collection can further those dreams. For our charity partners at Getaway2Give, we are driven to support their DREAMs: their missions of eradicating disease, providing education, and supporting communities in myriad ways. On the G2G Collection side, we will focus on our travelers’ DREAMs by customizing the perfect combination of Destinations, Relaxation, Experiences, & Accommodations to create the Memories of a lifetime.

We will be reaching out to you for your input on these DREAMs. What makes a perfect Destination in your mind? How can you achieve maximum Relaxation to recharge and re-ignite your DREAMs? What Experiences are bucket-list worthy to you? How can we wow you with our Accommodations? And, most importantly, how can we help you make the Memories of a lifetime?

We encourage you to keep up with how our DREAMs can make your DREAMs happen this year by subscribing to our posts or following us on social media, and we hope all your DREAMs for 2019 come true!

Thanks so much,

Adam Capes,
CEO, Getaway2Give & G2G Collection

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