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8 Reasons To Join A Vacation Club Over Buying A Vacation Home

Written by Michele Richardson on March 3, 2015


A vacation home is nice but it’s not always ideal. There are repairs to make, real estate to purchase, and the monotony of going to the same place year after year. Here are just eight of the reasons why you should join a vacation clubinstead of purchasing a vacation home.

Enjoy a Variety of Vacation Destinations

Regardless of how much you like a location, visiting the same place year after year can get boring. Membership to a vacation club allows members to have “a second home” without any of the burdens of home ownership. Whisk your family away on a ski getaway one year and surprise your significant other with a romantic trip to Costa Rica the next. You’ll never grow bored of your getaways with a vacation club.

Forget the Repair Costs

One of the biggest burdens of homeownership is the maintenance costs. A vacation home has the same repair needs as a primary residence, only hundreds or thousands of miles from where you live. Joining a vacation club allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the vacation home with none of the need to fix the plumbing or mow the lawn.

Enjoy Concierge-Style Service

Sometimes a vacation home just feels like home, and not in a good way. Instead of enjoying the destination, owners get caught up in repairs, cleaning, and stocking the vacation home for the week, leaving less time for relaxation. A vacation club like G2G Collection offers members all the comfort of home without any of the hassle. The fridge will be stocked, reservations will be made, and someone will come clean up when it’s all over. To truly get away from it all, a vacation club provides home-like accommodations with none of the chores.

Travel During Peak Vacation Times

With the high cost of ownership, most vacation home owners need to rent their vacation home to help maintain the residence. This often means turning the property over to renters during peak times throughout the year. A vacation club membership allows members to travel when they like to where they like.

Lower Upfront Costs

Purchasing a vacation home may seem like a great decision but the down payment on a property can eat up a lot of savings. Vacation clubs require a membership fee that is significantly less than the upfront cost of a vacation home. After joining the club, there are no monthly mortgage costs or hefty repair bills. With a destination club, you just pay for the vacations you take.

A Vacation for Every Season

While a home on the beach may seem like the perfect vacation spot, over the years travelers may find they want to experience more during their time away from home. A winter ski getaway or a crazy weekend in Miami isn’t the vacation you always want but one you’ll want to have every now and then. A vacation club allows members to take the exact vacation they want, on their terms and in their preferred destination.

Don’t Worry about Depreciation

While real estate has traditionally been a sound investment, it’s still a gamble to purchase a vacation home. What’s a hotspot now may be passé in five years and a good neighborhood today may not be so in the future. Depreciation of land and property is a real concern when purchasing a vacation home. A vacation club membership doesn’t carry any of these worries. Members pay the membership fees and vacation as little or as much as they want.  No annual dues are unique to the G2G Collection, so members only pay when they travel.

Luxury Accommodations

Purchasing property always requires some concessions. While your preference may be rooftop views, private villas, and swimming grottos, your budget may be a condo three streets away from the beach. Membership to a vacation club allows you to stay in luxury accommodations without breaking the bank. Suddenly, an African safari or private beachfront villa isn’t at all impossible.

While a vacation home may be an option for those who have the means, the time and inclination to manage a second home most people would rather enjoy the experience of a home away from home.