About G2G Collection

G2G Collection was created by an experienced and philanthropically minded group of partners with more than two decades of combined performance in the luxury vacation club industry to provide an unparalleled opportunity to transform the world through the power of giving.

Having spent the last five years growing and operating Equity Estates, a successful equity based Luxury Residence Club, G2G Collection founders Adam Capes and Rob Vaka bring a track record of performance not only within the luxury travel industry, but also within the world of philanthropy.

During their tenure at Equity Estates, Adam and Rob helped raise more than $750,000 for charitable causes. It was through this process that they got a first-hand view of how enthusiastically a charity’s donor base valued this type of luxury vacation that also allowed them to support their favorite cause in the process. Once set upon this new path of giving back,  the pair become emotionally and financially committed to dozens of worthy causes. That’s when the light bulb came on.

The G2G Collection has generated more than $2.2 Million for more than one hundred charities and our growing membership base is experiencing remarkable vacations while helping to change the world at the same time.