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Aspen Vacation Rental Costs

Written by Michele Richardson on June 15, 2015

Aspen has long been hailed as one of the top ski destinations in the world.  As one of the playgrounds for the rich, it’s equally beautiful and popular in the summer months.  At G2G, we are regularly asked about Aspen vacation rental costs.  So, in this article, we’ll look at what a typical 4 or 5 star hotel will cost you in the winter or summer, and then we’ll see what it would cost to rent a high end condo or home in Aspen.

Aspen Hotel Rates

Aspen has a handful of high end hotels, most located at the base of Aspen (aka Ajax) Mountain in the center of the town of Aspen, or the Aspen “core.”  Some of the most well known include The Little Nell and the Residences at The Little Nell (where 4 weeks a year in a fractional might cost you a cool $1M), the St. Regis, the Hotel Jerome (now part of Auberge Resorts) and the Hyatt Grand Aspen.

Summer rates for One Bedrooms at these hotels will typically run between $600/night and $1,200/night, with a room at the Hyatt Grand Aspen costing around $600/night and a One Bedroom Suite at the Hotel Jerome costing around $1,200/night.


Winter rates are generally going to range between the same cost as summer to around 33% higher, not including Christmas and New Year’s weeks, which might set you back 2 to 5 times what a standard summer or winter night will cost.  For example, a room at The Residences at Little Nell is roughly $750/night in the summer and $1,000/night in the winter.  A Two Bedroom Suite will be approximately $3,000/night in the winter.  Similarly, a One Bedroom Suite at the Hotel Jerome in the winter will be $1,400/night or so.  While you can certainly find hotel rooms in Aspen for less, it will be very difficult to find any decent 4 or 5 star hotels during the winter for less than $500/night.

Aspen Home Rental Rates

If you’re looking to rent a condo or home in Aspen, you will probably want to go online and check out options at VRBO.com or Homeaway.com (see our article on “5 VRBO Problems and How To Avoid Them”).  You will have a wide variety of options and can certainly save money vs. staying in a 2 or 3 bedroom residence in the aforementioned hotels.  For example, you can find three bedroom residences in the Aspen Core that are just as nice as the hotels for around $1,500/night.  Of course, you can also find three to four bedroom condos for $600 to $900/night, but they won’t be nearly as nice or well located as what you can get for $1,500/night.


In summary, you should expect to pay anywhere from $600 per night to upwards of $3,000 per night if you want to rent a one to four bedroom (or larger) residence in Aspen.  Many of our Members are able to pay less than $600 per night, including during peak season, for a three bedroom residence located right next to The Little Nell, but they have also paid to join a private club that affords them lower nightly rental rates.  If you would like more information on rental options in Aspen, please call us at 678-506-2700 or email us at membership@g2gcollection.com.