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5 Kid-Friendly Vacations You Just Gotta See! Part 2

Written by G2G Executive Travel Team on March 28, 2019

Looking for kid-friendly vacations? Many of our G2G staff are avid travelers.

We have combined a list of the G2G Collection destinations our G2G staff find to be among the most kid-friendly vacations. We hope you’ll find them helpful when planning travel with your children!

Newport Beach offers a ferry to the Balboa Fun Zone on Balboa Island. How much more kid-friendly can that sound? With G2Gs 5-bedroom abode just steps from the Pacific’s golden sands plus water views from decks on

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Planning a Romantic Getaway

Written by Michele Richardson on January 27, 2019

Planning a romantic getaway is more than just heading to a remote cabin in the woods or some little bed-and-breakfast in New England in the fall. It can be. But don’t limit yourself to those run-of-the-mill ideas of romance. There are plenty of places to take a romantic break from work, family, and other social obligations.

A 2016 article in Condé Nast gave us a few good ideas of things to do and not to do on a romantic getaway, as

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5 Kid-Friendly Vacations You Just Gotta See!

Written by G2G Executive Travel Team on December 6, 2018
Kid friendly vacations header

Looking for kid-friendly vacations? Many of our G2G staff are avid travelers.

Brittany Beaudry of our Guest Experience team says…
“I have been traveling with my boys since before they could crawl. From mountain destinations like Beaver Creek and Aspen to our favorite beach spots in St. Maarten and city destinations like New Orleans. Although some destinations we’ve visited proved to be more kid-friendly vacations than others, we’ve never had a shortage of activities that keep all members of our family happy!” 


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Tips for Traveling with Kids

Written by G2G Executive Travel Team on December 5, 2018

Make your next trip stress-free with these helpful tips:

Create a trip bag. Traveling with kids means juggling things — from toys to juice boxes to your own items. It’s wise to keep the essentials — like boarding passes, IDs and reservations in a single place — their own bag, or even a pocket in your own carry-on. Rather than keeping all your travel documents and necessary medications in different bags, just designate one of them as your trip bag and

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How To Travel with Kids – Go Wild – Spotting Native Animals and Plants While on Vacation

Written by G2G Executive Travel Team on November 12, 2018
G2G Travel Collection - Go Wild- How to travel with kids

How do you travel with kids? Ditch the screens and look for these exotic creatures and plants!

Few things are more frustrating than devoting your precious time and money to a vacation, only to discover that your kids refuse to look up from their smartphones. But before you find yourself in rhythmic, “It’s up here, please” with the frequency and desperation of a substitute teacher, why not make group nature-watching your pre-emptive strategy?

Make it fun with plant and animals

Staying on

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Disconnect. Your Luxury Vacation Deserves It!

Written by G2G Executive Travel Team on October 23, 2018
G2G Collection Luxury Vacation

How to Delegate and Truly Enjoy a Luxury Vacation

If you have a luxury vacation coming up, you’ll want to put some thought into how to make things run smoothly, so you can make the most of your time away. According to a recent study by Harvard Business, CEOs put in lots of hours — an average of 62.5 each week. On vacation, CEOs work an average of 2.5 hours per day.

If that’s your idea of a perfect vacation —

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