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Spend your CEO vacation time like these famous travelers

Written by G2G Executive Travel Team on September 18, 2018
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Make time like these CEO travelers

We all say it, “Vacation, when do I have time for vacation?” But remember, Howard Schultz was on a trip to Milan when he “was captivated by the sense of community I found in the city’s espresso bars” — a sense that inspired him to create similar experiences back here in the states. We all know how that worked out. Starbucks permeates our culture today. So, make the time to travel somewhere spectacular. Maximize the CEO vacation time negotiated into your contract. And who knows, on your trip to Lake Como, Italy, you may find ‘the’ inspiring idea that leads your company to global domination.

We’ll be presenting a series of articles to help busy CEOs maximize their benefits of their CEO vacation time and become travelers with confidence. You need the time to recharge and clear your head. And you may return with a renewed passion for your business, a fresh eye to review what your team is doing well and where you can make impactful improvements.

So, where do C-suite executives spend their CEO vacation time?

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Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, finds its not all about the destination.

In Ad Age, she says, “Vacations aren’t as much about where you are as much as who you’re with. My husband I are a dual-career couple with two very active teenagers, so our schedules are hectic. For us, a few days anywhere together is a great vacation — on a hot, sunny beach is an added bonus.” A luxury home on a beach can help you reconnect in ways that hotel rooms simply can’t deliver. With features like surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, sailing, deep sea fishing, and jet skiing, there’s bound to be an activity the whole family can agree on and enjoy doing together.

John Flannery likes ski vacations on his CEO vacation time.

G2G Collection Executive Luxury TravelersAnd apparently they like his company, GE. Flannery credits being grounded from skiing during a light snow day at a ski resort as the impetus behind his plan to institute a “new operating strategy that will cut headquarter bloat and allow the units to be more autonomous”, crisp clean air can be head-clearing. But, we’d suppose that Flannery would have preferred to “relax” with the adrenaline rush of snow-sports like skiing and snowboarding. Reconnecting with friends or family over races down slopes? At the end of the day a ski-in, ski-out destination with a warm cozy fire and a hot toddy can help you recharge. Make sure your abode allows you to be fully unplugged, with the amenities only a custom vacation home with onsite concierge services can provide.

G2G Collection Executive Luxury Travelers

Apple’s Tim Cook shared his European vacation with his 4.1 million Twitter followers… though it seems he did include a bit of business in his multi-country trip. Sometimes CEO vacation time just has to mix with a little business. He stopped in France to learn about advancements in app development. He also stopped off in Glasgow to deliver a speech at the University of Glasgow (surprising staff at an Apple store while he was there). We hope he made time to totally check out, maybe a magnificent baronial castle like this one?

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