A Simple Way to Raise Money for Nonprofits

Experiences and meaningful vacations are often the BEST items in charity auctions or raffles. G2G is helping hundreds of charities by providing turn-key and high value stays that have helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars at events. Our “2G” program is fast becoming a gold standard fundraising tool.

What is a 2G?

  • A 2G is a three to seven night stay in one of G2G Collection’s private residences. Destinations include top beach resorts, ski and mountain locations and major cities.
  • Click here to read how 2Gs have helped many organizations in their fundraising efforts.
  • The opportunity to utilize a 2G is open to both charities and their supporters.

For Charities

  • Most stays sell for $5k – $10k
  • A limited number of stays can be offered at each event.  Contacting G2G as soon as possible is the best way to ensure you can select your first choice destination and residence.
  • No risk.  If the 2G doesn’t sell for the reserve amount, your organization owes nothing.

For Individuals

Individuals - Fundraising

  • Purchase and donate a 2G and receive the same tax deduction as if you were donating cash.
  • If you donate at least $1,750, a 2G allows for that amount to be potentially doubled, tripled, or more.
  • Just purchase and donate.  G2G works directly with your cause to help them get top dollar.

See what people are saying

“G2G has been there for almost every event that the First Down Fund has held in the past few years. The key isn’t what, but why. They really do care and that shows. You’ll raise money and your donors that win the trips will be treated like royalty by G2G. I’ve been on a number of these trips myself and they are first rate. Everyone wins.”


Larry Fitzgerald | NFL Star, Philanthropist, The Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund 

Scottsdale, AZ

“We’ve seen these trips raise plenty of money at the annual Challenge Aspen gala each July. The team at G2G is easy to work with and their commitment to giving back is evident.”


Amy Grant | Singer/Songwriter, Philanthropist

“When the auction began, the bidding heated up pretty fast. Before we knew it, bids quickly reached $5,000 and were continuing to climb. Though our initial plan was to sell only one package, we ended up selling three for a total of $27,000. With minimal effort on our part, we were able to net $19,500 – helping us surpass our event goal.”


Michelle Tesori | Tesori Family Foundation and Olympus Foundation Management

Jacksonville, FL

“Your wait for a real partner is over. G2G has changed my life. I head GiGi’s Playhouse in Atlanta and the G2G charity trip program for live auctions is the real deal. I know personally – I’ve been on a half dozen G2G trips myself and I can tell you that your bidders will be blown away. From Mexico to Colorado, there are amazing options for your bidders.”


Adrienne Mulligan | GiGi’s Playhouse Executive Director

Atlanta, GA

“Finding true luxury travel and elite vacation packages we can offer our clients to assist in fundraising efforts that suit a wide variety of event patrons can be challenging to say the least. I’m thrilled to have been introduced to the G2G Collection – it is refreshing to have the ability to be creative with live auction offerings, with different destinations to choose from in beach, mountain and city hotspots; we can control our product and select destinations that will perform well. Because we work with a number of charities that are located both in U.S. and Canada, we are often limited due to the activation process if companies are not local to the event, however the G2G Collection makes it simple by providing all the materials, images, descriptions, etc. required to achieve bidding success.”


Natasha Borota | Principal, The IT Factor
Charity Event Coordinator
Toronto, ONT

“The G2G Charity trip program provided us with live auction items and they were a key item in helping us with a record setting event. The G2G trips netted $11,200. This program allowed us to present premium luxury travel, which is so coveted in most charity event live auctions. The program is so simple and has zero risk. It is an absolute no-brainer. We plan to continue to use the G2G 5 night stays as a fundraising tool for every event and opportunity that we can.”


Cancer Family Care

Cincinnati, OH

“We manage the foundations of more than 20 celebrities and professional athletes. G2G has transformed the way we acquire, auction and fulfill luxury travel items. Gone are the days of negotiating with vacation home owners and dealing with post event issues. G2G has the experience and follow through to ensure we raise the max in all of our event auctions and the ability to make our bidders happy.”


Ken Taylor | COO Prolanthropy Foundation Management

Florence, KY

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