G2G Membership

G2G Membership: Simple and No Long Term Commitment.

  • Cost: pay a $7,500 membership fee and make a $7,500 tax deductible charitable contribution
  • Expert Personal Concierge to plan your trip including stocking the refrigerator
  • Significant savings on nightly rates
  • May be shared between multiple individuals, couples, small business, and/or families
  • Unlimited stays can be reserved

Optional Add-On Plan

Do you travel to iconic cities for business and/or pleasure?  Do you like to vacation in the top beach and mountain destinations?  If so, then a G2G add-on Plan could be a great way to enhance your membership.

- The Plan -

  • Purchase 10 or 20 nights annually at residences in iconic cities, beach, leisure and mountain destinations
  • An add-on Plan is the only way to access residences in NYC
  • Stunning Value: $6,995 for 10 nights and $11,995 for 20 nights
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