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Getting the Team Back Together

Written by G2G Executive Travel Team on September 12, 2019

Sports season has arrived! We realize school is back in session and work is in full swing, but we believe the importance of getting friends or family together for some team spirit to relieve the everyday stresses. We have come up with some events and ideas on how to stay connected with your “team” near and far, through shared or even competitive team spirit!   



The fall season is full of camaraderie especially when rooting for your home football team! A perfect way to reconnect with the college buddies or family is to host a reunion. Usually reunions occur when the weather is warmer and people have more free time, but having a reunion gathering in the fall time is just as fun in the fall, if not better. There are tailgating events or weekend GameDays where everyone can gather and converse over good company and food, even if some are rooting for the other team. 

Organizing and planning can be quite a lot, but delegate tasks like one would on a team. You have a team for food, another team for the invites and guest lists, and another team for securing tickets. Remember, there is no I in team.  

Getting everyone together in one space can also be challenging, but if you plan a few weeks out and set up a group on social media, then you can take a poll to see the majority opinion of where to have the reunion. An idea is securing a tailgating pass and everyone can pitch in to create a potluck meal, then have a contest where a committee chooses a ‘winning’ dish! Local spots like a sports bar or small restaurant can also be a good choice to watch the game together which allows you to save more time and involves little planning. You can also host a spirit day on social media, where everyone posts sporting their favorite team and whichever team gets the most likes, comments, and shares by the reunion day, the team wins the ultimate reunion trophy!    



Meeting the group out for a happy hour gives everyone a chance to close the workday/week on a positive note and even allows for some networking opportunities with other professionals in the area. It can be a spot near the closest city that makes it very accessible with a short drive. Did you know during the week, some non-profit organizations host some happy hour events that are considered a mini fundraising event? This is a win, win for both parties!  

Most local bars offer to run a promotion on a certain day of the week for local non-profit organizations, where the guests pay a donation fee to access special happy hour drinks and food. Then either a portion or all of the proceeds made from that “fee” would go to your organization. This is a perfect opportunity to get the friends together for a night, share drinks and laughs, all while showing your support of local non-profit organizations.  



Another idea that requires more planning is scheduling a weekend getaway for friends or family to celebrate the fall sports season. Leave on a Friday, maybe get out a bit early from work, and you can all catch the Saturday college games and then Sunday you have all the NFL games to watch, and head back home Monday morning or late Sunday evening. It is a perfect excuse for a quick getaway with the guys, couples getaway, or even make it a mini family vacation, this is something everyone would enjoy!  

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Since it can be challenging to gather everyone together at the same time and place, a good solution to staying connected is through an online game league, like fantasy football! Like mentioned above, you can set up a social media group to all chat and converse about the league and then follow throughout the season and see how everyone’s teams are performing.  

The group can also hold a virtual “game night” where everyone takes turns hosting, and the group watches a particular game that includes some fun games and contests along the way! There the idea of whoever guesses the halftime score or final score, that person gets put into the pot for a chance to win the league trophy at the end of the sports season and you can even include a free 2-night trip, too! Another great solution if everyone is not able to come together and hang out in person!  



Giving back we believe feeds the soul, which makes it perfect to set up a fall volunteer day with the group. You could all volunteer at a local school by cleaning up a playground, or even setting up thanksgiving food drive! Most of the local team sports offer giving back opportunities, which is a great way to get involved in the community with your friends. 

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