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Hidden Gems and Fun Things to Do in Punta Mita, Mexico

Written by Kelly Palmer on November 27, 2014


Searching for things to do in Punta Mita, Mexico? Visitors don’t have to look far to find unique landscapes, thrilling adventure, and relaxing getaways. When visiting, consider these hidden gems and fun things to do in Punta Mita, Mexico. 

Fly Board Above the Pacific

Though Marty McFly hover skateboards and personal hovercrafts continue to be a dream of the future, fly boarding is pretty close. Start with a personal lesson in the art of fly boarding then rocket above the open seas. Flip, tumble, soar, and take home an exhilarating memory of fly boarding above the Pacific.

Search for the Hidden Beach

Whether it was formed by volcanic activity or through bomb testing, the Hidden Beach is a picturesque and completely unique place to enjoy the sun and sand of Mexico. White sands and blue waves are hollowed out among the plains of the Marieta Islands. Just an hour boat ride from the beaches of Punta Mita, visitors can hire a yacht and enjoy the open sea (and occasional whale sighting) to find this hidden gem. One of the truly spectacular activities in Punta Mita, a trip to Hidden Beach should not be missed.

Spend a Day in Tequila

Punta Mita visitors who need a break from thrilling adventures and days on the open sea should consider sampling tequila from the very fields where it grows. Take exclusive tours in the birthplace of Mexico’s iconic drink – Tequila, Mexico. Start in the agave fields and sample along the way to Mundo Cuervo, the home of Cuervo tequila. Be trained by expert jimadors in tequila tasting and finish the day with tapas and margaritas. Visitors looking for what to do in Punta Mita, Mexico can enjoy a relaxing day learning more about tequila.

Reel in Dinner

Adventurers visiting Punta Mita can enjoy a day on the sea and a big catch with a fishing tour. Amberjacks, black marlins, groupers, and mahi swim along the floors of the Bay of Flags and Punta Mita visitors can reel them in for sport. Enjoy a day aboard a boat with experienced and licensed sailors and enjoying drinks and food while pulling in game fish of all sizes.


Swim with the Dolphins

Marine animal lovers of all ages looking for things to do in Punta Mita, Mexico won’t find a better activity than Dolphin Adventures. Swim, pet, and dive with the dolphins in a safe and fun environment. Learn more about these playful mammals and create memories for the entire family. From ages five to ninety-five, nothing can compare to a day among the dolphins.

Hit the Links

Golfers of all skill levels can improve their game on the world-class golf courses here. Punta Mita is home to two Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses with one-of-a-kind holes on each, in addition to the other courses available to golf enthusiasts. Attempt to land a shot on the only natural ocean island par-3 in the world or simply enjoy the soft sound of waves on every fairway. Golfers looking for fun attractions in Punta Mita, Mexico can spend their days on the links.

Learn to Surf

Learning to surf can be a challenge but from those who have never been on a board to those experts on the surf, Punta Mita offers waves for everyone. Take a surf lesson with some of the most experienced surfers on the planet and enjoy learning more about the wake and roll of the Pacific paradise. Learn a new sport or brush up on current skills when looking for fun stuff to do in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Even a relaxing day on the beach in the paradise that is Punta Mita is a pleasure but visitors looking for fun and exciting things to keep them entertained in Punta Mita, Mexico don’t need to look far. From a day on the seas to a relaxing day sampling local fare, there are a variety of activities for all ages, activity levels, and interests. Consider what activities would be a good fit and get ready for a memorable day with these Punta Mita activities.

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