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I Was A Skeptic Before I Fell In Love With My Vacation Club

Written by Kelly Palmer on January 12, 2015


I should preface this by telling you I’m not trying to sell a vacation club.  I’m also not on the payroll or get any perks from this club.  As you’ll see, I’m writing about it because I want to share this awesome travel opportunity with families like ours.  And, in doing so, it will make the world a better place.  Seriously!!

Below you can read the story of why my family joined, but to cut to the chase it’s because we love to travel.  My husband and I did not grow up with the means to take lots of vacations.  Don’t get me wrong, we both had great family lives.  And, we both worked hard hoping to achieve certain luxuries like the ability to travel when we want.

Now that we have Sammie (7) and Oscar (6), we take fantastic family vacations.  That said, we were concerned that growing up in a privileged lifestyle could impact Sammie and Oscar’s motivation to work hard in life.  And (more importantly), will they understand their responsibility to serve others and give back?  Getaway-2-Give (G2G) delivers awesome family getaways along with the opportunity to serve together.  Here’s the longer story of how and why we joined:

Our family loves travel and we’re likely on a “list” of households that could afford something like this. This means that over the years vacation clubs have sent plenty of mailers and cold called us with a “pitch” to join.  These clubs tout vacation-mansions and penthouses available for us to rent along with butler services, premier chefs, and long lists of amenities.

Don’t get me wrong, all of these things sound fabulous but it was hard for us to imagine paying an exorbitant membership fee just for access to these properties and amenities.  Then, after the membership fee, we would have to spend about the same or more than we typically would to rent their vacation homes.  We already rent nice places when we travel. Okay, they’re not “mansions,” but when we spend most of our time on the beach or walking the streets of town…who needs the big added expense of a 5 or 6 bedroom mansion?

I remember vividly, from about two years ago, when a representative from a fairly well known club was encouraging me to join. He asked me to send him a link to one of the vacation homes we liked to rent.  His reply was “Well, I see you are currently enjoying mediocre vacations in mediocre properties.  When you get to the point that you want to upgrade to luxury, we are the club for you.”  WHAT??!!  I realized we did not want to be “hoity-toity” vacation-club-members, and I stopped answering all solicitations…until I met G2G.

Last year, I was introduced to G2G while staying with colleagues in a G2G property.  When I found out that G2G requires half of the membership fee be donated to charity…I became intrigued.  As I learned more about G2G, I realized this vacation club was a perfect match for my family.

First, it’s far less expensive when compared to others — and half of the initial total cash outlay goes in my name to my favorite charity (and I get the tax deduction).  Second, the properties are as nice (even nicer) than those “fancy” vacation clubs (meaning those that are spending millions to mail expensive flyers to my home) — and the rates are clearly better.

The list of positives grows with complimentary grocery provisioning, concierge services, upscale amenities…just about anything you could ask for.  And the clincher?  G2G partners with local charities so that, if you so choose, you and your family can spend a few hours of your vacation serving in a charitable way.  

This aspect is HUGE for me.  I worry about our kids being spoiled in a world of “stuff” and with the privilege of great travel and vacations–things Steve and I have worked really hard to achieve and enjoy.  What will motivate my kids to work hard for success?  And how will they realize and appreciate their blessings and the responsibility they will have to serve others and give back?  G2G just solved one of my biggest parenting concerns, all the while improving my ability to do what I love best – travel and give my family experiences as opposed to “things.”

It took a bit of convincing for Steve.  The membership is an “expense,” after all.  (He calls it “chic-onomics” when I shop and then explain how much I saved on “the dress.”  You know, instead of seeing it as the expense of the actual dollars spent.  So, I knew the “tax deduction” sales-pitch was going to be categorically “chic-onomics.”)

He totally agrees with me that we don’t want our kids to end up spoiled or entitled, so that argument helped my case.  And, ultimately we decided to join.  I immediately booked one of the New York properties.  Little did I know I had just booked one of the most fabulous family vacations of our lifetime.

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