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Meet Tricia – Destination Manager Spotlight

Written by Michele Richardson on June 29, 2017

The role of Destination Manager (DM) is supremely important. Our DMs are 100% focused on making sure the precious few days you have to getaway are perfect and memorable.

As a local expert, your DM works with you in advance to plan the details of your stay. They know the best restaurants, excursion companies, spas, shopping and more. But what sets our DMs apart from your everyday concierge is the attention to detail, the stocked fridge and the unexpected but much appreciated surprises – the things you didn’t know you wanted. One of the very best to anticipate those needs and go the extra mile is Tricia Fullhart, Destination Manager for our Beaver Creek, Colorado residences.

1. What do you like most about working for G2G/Getaway2Give?
No two guests are looking for the exact same experience. Getting to interact with so many different people and helping them create unique and memorable vacations is a real joy for me. A nice bonus is the occasional trip to meet and train a new DM or “prepare” a newly acquired residence so it can be added to the Getaway2Give collection.

2. Can you describe a few of the most memorable experiences you have created for a guest?
There are many as I try to make each trip special and unique to each guest. We have a group who travels with us often and jokingly refer to themselves as the Gilligan’s Island Gang. I worked with their Executive Assistants to get individual pictures for a custom poster and created themed decorations and fruit snacks.

I also really enjoy doing something special for our junior guests. A fun experience during the winter is giving a jar of bubbles to visiting children and showing them how they freeze, crystalize and burst into crystal flakes. Another favorite is setting up a surprise indoor camping experience.

3. What’s one thing you wish our travelers knew about our mountain destinations?
In my opinion, summer is the best time of year to visit. It’s 1/2 the cost, lots to do (many at no cost) and the weather is amazing! There are also a ton of outdoor festivals, events and concerts that you wouldn’t experience during the winter because of the cold weather.

4. What’s the number one request you get asked?
We all have to eat so the most common requests are restaurant recommendations and reservations. Aside from that, I think guests like the idea of taking advantage of my “insider” knowledge as a local for recommendations on the best outfitter to use for different excursions (rafting, ATV tours, biking, fishing, etc.).

5. Most are familiar with what can be done during the cold months in Beaver Creek. Can you tell us the top 3 activities and festivals during the summer?
The top 3 activities are hiking, fishing and ATV tours. These can all be done starting in the spring all the way through the fall.

The summer festivals and events in Beaver Creek are a blast. My favorites are the Beaver Creek Rodeo Series (every Thursday), Vail’s Farmers Market & Art Show (every Sunday) and the Beaver Creek Wine & Spirits Festival.

6. What is a unique experience that you can only do in the summer?
Hands down my favorite unique summer activity is Take a Llama to Lunch. Llamas have a gentle nature and can carry up to 80 pounds – making this half day hike a perfect outing for families. Majestic views, great exercise AND you get to hang out with a Llama!

We want to thank Tricia and all of our Destination Mangers for their attention to “the little things” and passion for providing unforgettable vacation experiences!