The following is an overview of frequently asked questions regarding membership in the G2G Collection.

What is the G2G Collection?

The inaugural offering released by The Giving Plan, the G2G Collection (or Getaway 2 Give Collection) is the world's only philanthropic vacation club offering multi-million dollar homes, chartered yacht getaways and luxury hotel suites in the most desirable locations in the world, including Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, Cabo San Lucas, Tuscany, New York, London, Chicago and Telluride. These carefully curated experiences provide families with life-enriching travel, while raising $1 billion for deserving charities every decade.

What is The Giving Plan?

The Giving Plan is a revolutionary company committed to making a difference in the world through Intelligent Philanthropy. By designing and providing innovative products that transform the way people think about - and practice - giving, The Giving Plan empowers people to effortlessly support the charity of their choice through purchases they love and, in many cases, already making.

How does the G2G Collection work?

You can join the G2G Collection for a Membership Initiation Fee of $15,000 and an Annual Membership Fee of $5,000. 50% of the Membership Initiation Fee becomes a tax-deductible donation to your favorite charity.

As a Member, you get access to G2G Collection's multi-million dollar residences, yachts and cruises and five-star hotels, in the world's most coveted destinations, at preferred nightly rates. 5% of the nightly rate for residence stays is also donated to charity.

By joining G2G Collection, you will transform the quality of your life, not only by enjoying extraordinary travel experiences with your family, but also by knowing you are making a difference for the causes you believe in.

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What is a vacation club?

Vacation clubs are an alternative to vacation home rental options, providing members with access to multiple vacation homes (typically at a discounted rate) and a more convenient method to planning and coordinating family trips.

Vacation clubs provide travelers with the peace-of-mind that is missing from many vacation rental options due to the inconsistency of the offerings and unscrupulous property managers.

How does the G2G Collection differ from other vacation clubs?

The G2G Collection is creating a cultural shift in how people view - and practice - giving. The perfect blend of capitalism and causes, the G2G Collection is committed to transforming the world by raising $1 billion for charity every decade and transforming its members lives through life-enriching travel experiences.

In addition, the G2G Collection is committed to offering incomparable value (preferred rates average $10,000 in savings per year) and consistent quality so that members can travel with confidence and thoroughly enjoy their vacations.

How does the G2G Collection make vacation planning easier?

Planning your vacation as a G2G Collection member is simple. Members have access to an online reservation system and can view calendars for many destinations in one place. In addition, a Destination Manager is available to coordinate activities, stock the refrigerator before your arrival and more.

Why is G2G Collection's Membership Initiation Fee a small fraction of other clubs' fees?

Many vacation clubs, commonly called destination clubs, are equity-based and therefore require six-figure, up-front fees. The G2G Collection does not own its properties, rather it assumes property management responsibilities for an average of five years. By using this structure, the quality of our member’s experience is preserved while avoiding the large initiation fee associated with equity-based destination clubs. This structure also allows G2G to add destinations and experiences quickly.

What types of vacations are available for G2G Collection members?

From a 10-bedroom estate perched on breathtaking cliffs overlooking Anguilla’s Little Bay and luxurious villas in a picturesque Tuscan retreat to an ultra-luxe 2-bedroom penthouse in the heart of downtown Chicago, the G2G Collection has vacation options that are ideal for families, couples and groups of friends in beach, mountain, city and leisure destinations around the world. Additionally, through an exclusive partnership with TradeWinds, G2G Collection members have access to crewed yacht experiences in the Caribbean, Central America, and the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas.

What is the average nightly rate for G2G Collection vacations?

Members-only nightly rates vary depending on the desired experience (home, hotel or yacht), destination and dates. The average members-only rate is typically 30% to 50% lower than non-member rates and range from $500 to $1000/night.

What services are included in the nightly rental rate?

Every G2G Collection residence will have a dedicated Destination Manager available to coordinate transportation, dining and activity arrangements, purchase groceries prior to arrival and while in-residence and arrange for housekeeping needs.

Can I share my G2G Collection Membership with my family?

Yes, the Friends & Family Membership can be shared with any authorized designate for unaccompanied travel. Additionally, the Friends & Family Membership can be purchased with up to two other individuals / couples. The Individual Unlimited Plan can be shared with the member’s spouse or life partner. Guests are welcome to travel with members or members’ spouses or life partners at any time.

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How many nights per year can I travel as a G2G Collection Member?

The Friends & Family Plan includes 21 nights of annual usage for reservations made in advance, and unlimited usage for reservations made in less than 30 days of travel. The Individual Unlimited Plan includes unlimited usage regardless of when reservations are made. A two-night minimum stay is required in all destinations.

How do I make a reservation?

G2G Collection Members can make reservations using an online members-only reservation system or by contacting their assigned Member Experience Manager. Reservations may be paid for online with a credit card. Friends & Family Members can reserve up to one year in advance. Individual Unlimited Members can reserve up to two years in advance. And, all G2G Collection Members can book impromptu getaways 48 hours before your trip.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

In the event that your plans change, you can cancel your trip more than 60 days before travel with a 5% penalty or within 60 days before travel with a 25% penalty.

Who is behind the G2G Collection?

The inaugural creation of The Giving Plan, The G2G Collection was created by an experienced and philanthropically minded group of partners with more than two decades of combined performance in the vacation club industry. The Giving Plan founders Adam Capes and Rob Vaka, spent the last five years successfully growing and operating Equity Estates, a successful second-home alternative with residences around the world. They bring a track record of performance not only within the luxury travel industry, but also within philanthropy. This skilled executive team is well poised and determined to prove the transformative power of intelligent philanthropy. During their tenure at Equity Estates alone, Adam and Rob helped raise more than $750,000 for charitable causes through vacation donations that they provided to fundraising galas and event live auctions.

Adam and Rob joined forces with colleagues who shared their passion for both luxury and philanthropy. Peter Sobrero, who spent nearly a decade at IMI, a leader in resort real estate sales; the Discovery Land Company, a resort real estate development firm; and Montage Hotels & Resorts, a collection of five-star hotels, resorts and residences; brings a wealth of experience in the sales and marketing of luxury hotels and second-home real estate communities. Ed Powers has led Operations, Member Experience and Property Management in the vacation club industry for the past decade and is a Malcolm Baldrige Examiner and Six Sigma Black Belt.

How do I learn more about the G2G Collection?

Speak with a Director of Giving at 678.506.2700 about membership plans, pricing and any other questions you may have about the G2G Collection as you consider joining us in transforming the world, one fabulous vacation at a time.

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