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Planning a Romantic Getaway

Written by Michele Richardson on January 27, 2019

Planning a romantic getaway is more than just heading to a remote cabin in the woods or some little bed-and-breakfast in New England in the fall. It can be. But don’t limit yourself to those run-of-the-mill ideas of romance. There are plenty of places to take a romantic break from work, family, and other social obligations.

A 2016 article in Condé Nast gave us a few good ideas of things to do and not to do on a romantic getaway, as well as a few places to go. Here is our take on their ideas, plus a few of our own.

Don’t Get a Room…

Get a whole house! Condé Nast recommends you “rent or borrow another house and live another life.” We’re not big fans of traveling to a new city, grabbing a room at a downtown hotel, and then shuttling around to see the sights. The most romantic getaways eschew the typical hotel, so we’ve got you covered. Rent a private residence and live like a local.

PRO TIP: 90+% of G2G’s locations are luxurious private homes with every amenity and loads of room for romance! And while we do have a few resort-style residences or group trips that don’t include a whole home, they are never boring single rooms or hotels —
think yachts, castles, villas and private islands.

Indulge in a luxurious, hip or just different neighborhood that takes you away from your every day. Pretend to live a completely different life for a few days! Lounge on plush furniture without having to shoo off the dog,  grill and eat outside in balmy temps when it’s thirty-below at home or go for walks in your “new” neighborhood.

Cities are more than tourist destinations, they breathe with the life of their residents, and you’re missing out on experiencing the vibrancy of a city if you stay in a hotel. Check out some of the nearby sights and restaurants, and learn how the locals live and have fun.

Try Chicago, for example.Our Chicago penthouse residence offers magical views of the city, and down below is the city’s revitalized river walk. Besides your view of the famed Merchandise Mart with its endless trade showrooms for furniture and design wholesalers, surrounding this epicenter are eye-catching galleries, home stores and antique shops. Once dormant factories and warehouses are now work spaces and studios for artists and entrepreneurs. The River North neighborhood is a hub for creativity and entertainment steps from your vacation home, or let water taxis whisk you away to eclectic neighborhoods along the Chicago River’s path through the city.

P.S. At certain times of the day, the city smells like chocolate. Really! Now THAT’s an aphrodisiac!

Don’t over plan. . .

Taking a romantic getaway is not like taking a regular vacation. Sure, there are some things you want to do, but don’t fill every hour with museums and galleries, plays and symphonies. You can easily wear yourself out trying to gobble up every cultural touchstone the city has to offer.

And if you’re too exhausted from trying to see everything, you’re going to get cranky and more likely to argue, which is going to put a damper on the whole reason for the trip. Plus, you’ll be too tired to, you know, have the “romantic” in “romantic getaway.”

. . . .but make reservations

Many restaurants will book up quickly, even months in advance. If you know where you want to go, look for some ideal restaurants you’d like to visit and then book a table as soon as you can. Ask some locals you know or some travel writers who have been to the area for some recommendations.

And do some online research. If you’re visiting a city whose newspaper has a food section — or better yet, a city with an alt weekly — you can find some great recommendations in between their pages. Or see if there are local foodie bloggers who make ratings and recommendations themselves.

Napa Valley and Sonoma are known for wine, it’s not surprising that Napa boasts some of the best food in the country to pair the wine — so make reservations at Thomas Keller’s classic French Laundry or any of these recommendations from Food & Wine Magazine  . If you don’t mind  “California chilly,” which means temperatures in the 50s  — one of our wine country destinations in the off-season is a good way to beat the crowds, enjoy some wine, get more personalized attention on wine tours and have some clear-sky stargazing time as a couple. What could be more romantic?

Plan a little alone time. Like, actually alone…

Maybe one of you wants to visit a bookstore, while the other wants to check out a specialty cooking store or take a walking tour of a historic neighborhood. Split up for a couple hours and meet back up for a drink or a coffee and share what you found.

If you had a good time at those places, take your partner there for a quick look around and show them what you loved about the place. Sometimes we all need a little time by ourselves, and just because you’re on a romantic getaway doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip the entire time.

Look beyond Times Square, Broadway and the Empire State building. New York is a great place to try some personal activities, then revisit your favorites together.

At Chelsea, NYC, so much to do is condensed into Manhattan neighborhoods like the not-so-touristy Chelsea area that it’s easy to pick your own fun, then meet up at a great nearby bar like Gramercy Tavern for a debrief over the finest libations.

In our Chelsea apartment, the incredible view alone will make your heart race, and you won’t want to leave the residence. Visit the Gallow Green rooftop bar, drop your inhibitions at the seductive, throwback lounge of the Slipper Room, take a romantic stroll the Chelsea High line, soar over the city in a helicopter, take a private VIP tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art through “Museum Hack,” and have a drink at the tucked away Campbell Apartment.

Try to go child-free…

And not just your own kids either. A romantic getaway does not mean taking the kids along and getting them a separate hotel room. It means leaving the kids with your folks or hiring a trusted nanny for a few days.

It also means going to kid-free locations. Skip family-style restaurants so you can have normal conversations without trying to be heard over the family at the next table. One nice thing about the G2G private homes is that you don’t have to worry about kids in the same building making a racket.

For a great romantic destination sans kids, try our Costa Rica property.

Costa Rica, The Palms is a quiet, tranquil resort will make you and your partner feel like you’re the only ones there. Get a couples massage, eat a private sunset dinner on the beach or in your villas, go snorkeling to see the beauty below the surface, and go sailing on a sunset cruise.

Skip the chains…

Take the buy local challenge on your romantic getaway. Try new things, shop at small stores. Avoid eating food you can find back home. Don’t visit stores you can visit at home. Starbucks is Starbucks, no matter where you go, but a local coffee shop has smells, flavors, and traditions all its own.

Plus, if you find the right shops, you can get a sense of the history and personality of the city. If you find the right libation or coffee bars, you can hear some of the stories the old-timers know by heart. And if you find the right restaurants, you’ll get some of the best food that only the locals know about, and you can avoid being “just another tourist” for a little while.

Homespun romance is in the snowy air in our private ski residences in Aspen, Beaver Creek and Deer Valley.

Ski destinations — In the areas around Aspen and Beaver Creek, Colorado and Deer Valley, Utah, so many locals are vying for your dollars with eclectic eats, drinks and shopping. Spend a day out on the slopes, go for a hike or a scenic drive, float along a lazy river (indoors, of course!) in Beaver Creek, and warm up by the fire with a blanket, some cocoa and some fun edibles you found at a local store. If you’re in our Aspen residence, take a nice evening stroll for an après ski experience and visit HOPS Culture or Red Onion for a delicious taste of the neighborhood.


Your romantic getaway can be anywhere in the world you want to go. Just plan on relaxing, travel without kids, make reservations for those hard-to-get-into restaurants, and make sure to get a little time to yourself.

G2G Collection can help you plan your perfect romantic getaway to the city, the slopes, the beach, or anywhere else you’d like to experience. Just visit us on our website or call us for more information at (678) 506-2700.