All of the beauty of Nepal’s magical Khumbu region surrounds you as you journey to the Base Camp of Mount Everest. Experience views of dozens of Himalayan mountain giants, sleep in tea houses along the path, pose with friendly yaks and embrace the vibrant Sherpa culture on your trek. The appeal of  Everest is well within your reach, with a team of expert guides and porters to ensure that your every need – from an authentic cultural immersion in the experience to your climbing safety – is met.

Welcome to Everest

A distinctive option amongst Getaway2Give offerings, your 16-day immersive Nepal journey begins with the exploration of picturesque downtown Kathmandu followed by a full day visiting temples, rivers, stupas and monasteries that reflect the Hindu and Buddhist cultures that thrive side-by-side in Kathmandu.

Day three is where the real adventure begins. You’re flown to the mountain town of Lukla in the heart of the Khumbu region. From this point on, you’ll spend your nights in Nepalese tea houses, simple lodges run by the authentic “Sherpas” whose native civilization hails from eastern Nepal. These warm and welcoming Sherpa families provide rooms, meals, and a chance to share their traditional ways of life. The next twelve days you traverse the route the Dalai Lama named “the steps to Heaven,” a place where the mountains take your breath away, arriving at Everest Base camp on day eleven of your trip. Along the route, you explore charming villages, experience the reverence of Tibetan monasteries, navigate rhododendron and pine forests and, of-course, admire the beauty of the region’s snow-clad mountains. Your trip ends with a return to Kathmandu where you prepare to leave Nepal with your memories-of-a-lifetime in tow.

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