The dream adventure of a lifetime

You’ve dreamed of it most of your life – maybe since reading Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” – an adventure climbing a mountain like the enchanting  Kilimanjaro. And now it can be yours with a team of expert guides and porters to meet your every need – from the luxury of the experience to your climbing safety. You don’t need to be a seasoned explorer or climber to enjoy this trip, and if you are, you can test your own limits to reach the peak. As you hike this low-traffic trail teeming with wildlife and dense jungle, you’ll navigate five ecosystems, from thick forest and heather to alpine desert as you push to the glorious summit. The itinerary is designed to ensure maximum success, yet provide a challenge you’ll be proud to have met, with memories to last a lifetime.

Eleven days of adventure: an overview of your itinerary

Unique among destination-travel offerings, your Getaway2Give adventure begins in Tanzania, in the town of Moshi. Here you will spend most of two days exploring the culture of Moshi’s Chagga and Pare people, visiting the Kiboriloni open-air market, tasting the region’s world-famous coffee, or simply relaxing in preparation for your eight-day hike. On day three, you’re transported to the park gate where you begin your climb, reaching camp Mti Mkubwa – or “Big Tree” in Kiswahili. Day four, enjoy the view of Kibo—one of three dormant volcanic cones—as you reach Shira 1 camp just below the Shira Ridge. Days five and six you continue towards the peak of Kibo climbing to Arrow Glacier at an altitude of 16,000 feet, then dropping down to the Baranco Hut at an elevation of 13,000 feet. Dinner and overnight, plus a very mild day eight help prepare your body for summit day.

And then – day nine – Summit day. This is the experience you came for. Departing very early – between midnight and 2a.m., your trek takes you to the summit through the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers, the most physically and mentally challenging portion of the trek. But the rewards are great: when you reach Stella Point where an 18,600 feet view offers you the most magnificent daybreak you are ever likely to see. Top that with your last upward trek to the summit, about an hour more, when you reach Uhura Peak – the highest point on Mount Kilamanjaro and the continent of Africa. Faster climbers can push ahead of their fellow trekkers to see sunset at the peak. Day nine ends with the beginnings of your descent and a last dinner on the mountain.

Day ten completes your descent where you receive your summit certificates, proof of the memories that will remain forever before your mind’s eye. Have a night’s well-earned rest and wake up to bid Africa farewell on day 11.

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