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Success Story – Children’s Heart Foundation

Written by Michele Richardson on October 18, 2017

Our Charity Partnerships Create a Snowball Effect for Success

Getaway2Give and Children’s Health Foundation (CHF) have partnered for three years and our relationship is a shining example of how we can work together to achieve your highest ideals. Since our first collaboration – a golf tournament and a gala — Getaway2Give has participated in many CHF events which are sponsored by its 11 nationwide chapters, and helped CHF raise more than $150,000 (to date) for their vital cause.

CHF is the country’s leading organization solely committed to research for congenital heart defects. In conjunction with the American Heart Association, it will fund $22.5 million in research projects between 2014 and 2021.

Prior to working with Getaway2Give, CHF always had many supporters but their fundraising efforts lacked consistency. We have been able to provide CHF with an array of destinations that are just the right fit for donors. CHF appreciates the product consistency, the simplicity of fulfillment and the high level of enjoyment that winners express with our travel experiences.

One reason we have been so successful in helping CHF achieve its earning potential is the continuous, candid, open communication between Bill and Brittany Beaudry, G2G’s Charity Fundraising Director. She says, “We have numerous conversations about what would be the best packages to sell. We are passionate about building positive relationships and CHF knows that we truly care about the end result.”

The end result for donors? Memorable trips that they couldn’t get otherwise. Says Bill, “We generate significant dollar amounts through our partners and we’ve had nothing but glowing reports from donors who are lucky enough to enjoy G2G experiences. It’s a snowball effect: They get to do something they wouldn’t normally do, and that builds enthusiasm for the next time they attend an event; for instance, will it be New York, or New Orleans, or Mexico? I went to La Jolla myself this summer and had an incredible time.”

For more information about CHF, visit their website