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Top 5 Bucket List Vacations of a Lifetime

Written by Michele Richardson on July 7, 2015

We get asked by our G2G Members all the time about what options we have for them to check something off of their “bucket list.”  Besides being the title of a movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, the term “bucket list” refers to a list of things you want to do before you die, or “kick the bucket.”  These are lifetime dreams and experiences that you will never forget.  Here are our top bucket list vacations:

5 Bucket List Trips and Ideas for Your Next Vacation

1. African Safari – This is clearly a big one and very popular, as it’s something that most of us dream about and really only need to do once. Going to Africa is a big trip and commitment, but most people who go talk about how Africa “changes you.” There are a few countries that are most popular for an African safari or “game drive,” namely South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. We highly recommend Thulani Lodge as one of the most luxurious and eco-friendly places in all of Africa. Another bucket list trip would be to Rwanda to go on a Gorilla Trek in the mountains.


2. Stay on a Private Island – It’s one thing to stay in an oceanfront home or hotel where you can hear the waves crashing at night, but it’s quite another to be out in the middle of the ocean on a private island. There’s something magical about being that secluded, with the fish and the birds as your neighbors. Staying on a private island allows for a seclusion and contemplation that most of us (in the U.S., at least) are not used to in our daily lives. Just make sure to go with the right group of people, and don’t stay too long – we recommend 3 to 5 nights so you get the full experience without the island fever.


3. Stay in a European Castle – This can be one of the most amazing bucket list items if you stay in the right castle in the right location, and with the right people (both staff and other guests). Most castles that you can rent are in France, Ireland and Scotland, although you can find them in almost every European country. If you’re in Ireland or Scotland, the castle is often on or near a golf course, and that is a major part of the experience. In France, it’s often on or near vineyards, with wine and food taking center stage (same with a farmhouse in Tuscany).

4. Go on a Yacht – This can also be a really incredible and memorable experience if done right. There are generally two major types of yachts – motor yachts and sailing yachts (or catamarans). There’s something about being at sea, sleeping on a boat, or even under the stars, that is truly magical. If you have a fully crewed yacht, you’ll likely be served gourmet cuisine for every meal by the onboard chef, and you’ll always have a drink in your hand, as most yachts are “all-inclusive.” Depending on where you go, the snorkeling and diving could be outstanding. We recommend the British Virgin Islands for that, and for more onshore excursions, we like St. Martin, Anguilla and St. Bart’s.


5. Go to a Major Sporting Event – This is really dependent on what sport you are most passionate about. It could be a Super Bowl, the Masters or Ryder Cup for golf, Wimbledon or the U.S. Open for tennis, a World Series game, the Olympics, World Cup or Formula One race. Whatever it is, make sure to bring someone special in your life to share that experience with. And don’t skimp – you’ll probably only do it once and you don’t want to regret it. Stay in a nice place and take lots of pictures!

Most people never get to do their bucket list items, because they put them off until they are older and think they’ll have more time and be less busy. But, sometimes the best times to enjoy these bucket list vacations is when you are younger. Many of our Members decide to plan these types of bucket list vacations for themselves and/or their families, but they have also paid to join a private club that affords them this ability. If you would like more information on costs for any of these or other bucket list vacations, please call us at 678-506-2700 or email us at membership@g2gcollection.com