What Do You Have A Heart For?

Our personalized voluntourism experience is just another way to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying your getaway. Contact us for details.

Animal Welfare

Volunteer at a Costa Rican rescue center for injured, orphaned, or illegally traded animals, and help give them a better life. You will discover the importance of preserving this beautiful country’s biodiversity, while enjoying an up-close and personal day with local wildlife.

Arts, Culture, Humanities

Work with a Guanacaste non-profit that promotes culture, health, sports, and education for children and teens from poor communities. Volunteering includes an introduction to the ecology and culture of Huacas, which is presented by enterprising local teenagers and their microbusiness.

Children and Youth

Paint and make small repairs at a school in Belize and improve conditions for children in a local village. Volunteer to hike Machu Picchu with impoverished local children who have never experienced the attraction that brings tourists from all over the world to their country.


Let your children join kids from the local community to collect glass, plastic, and inorganic waste from a beach in the Dominican Republic. Get to know the locals while supporting their passion to preserve these spectacular beaches for future generations.

Immediate Needs

Lend a badly needed hand to Hurricane Sandy survivors in New York. You can help put residents back on their feet by volunteering to “muck out” buildings, or cleaning the kitchen that prepares 2,000 meals daily for these victims.

Military and Veterans

Spend a rainy afternoon writing letters and making cards for our wounded Marines. You and your children can enjoy this activity from any destination, while impacting those who risked their lives to keep us safe. This simple act will generate smiles and warm feelings for all—guaranteed!

Poverty and Hunger

Feed the body and nourish hearts—in the US or across the ocean. Assemble sack lunches in Chicago and deliver them to the Community Center, where they will be distributed to the homeless. Or, pitch in to build a much needed kitchen for a disadvantaged school in Peru.
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